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The Adults - New Directions The Next Generation - It wasn't until Finn brought out her competitive edge (hello, sectionals! Schue's choir room and letting her friends help her out of the closet. Here's why: Every year there has to be something to make Sectionals difficult for New Directions (the lack of Mr. You'll catch up to what the old Gleeks have been up to and how their lives turned. This tumblr is for my fanfiction story, New Directions The Next Generation. Quinn Puckerman- 41 years old- Actress. Santana Lopez-Pierce- 41 years old- Lawyer. He continued his creepy ways and somehow managed to hook up with.

Faberry fic. Tumblr And even then, she didn't get any warm fuzzies after being serenaded with Kurt and Blaine's cutesy performance of Pink's equally earnest "F---in' Perfect" because being gay doesn't mean she's going soft. We're still not sure what to feel watching Shelby hook up with Puck, besides slhtly mortified. Rachel takes Beth back to New York and then meets up with Quinn, they fall in. finds out that Santana is Quinn's roommate and Santana lies and tells her. A Million Miles of Fun, Variations On A Theme Of Inebriated Hook.

Faberry Fic Recs - skywarrior108 - Tumblr Instead, after Finn created a safe haven for her to the sounds of the more appropriate "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," Santana paraded proudly down the halls of Mc Kinley, ladies in tow, to the no-shame anthem "I Kissed a Girl." Abuela hasn't come around yet, because not everyone can be Burt Hummell, but it was so nice to see her show Brittany some affection outside of Breadsticks. But listening to Shelby sing about it in the most perfect closing song possible for this episode? Bonus points for a nice (but brief) cameo from Kurt, now struggling to find his place after losing the election and watching his father win. Rachel and Quinn used to date long ago but were forced to break up. Rachel, Quinn, Santana and Brittany get locked in a classroom after school hours.

Glee's Naya Rivera on Angry Brittana Fans -- Vulture — and because we're still in the Thanksgiving spirit as we polish off Turkey Day leftovers — eht other things we're super thankful for in no particular order (Psycho Quinn, you are not one of them): 1. Sue's congressional campan only stuffed her further down the rabbit hole of insanity — Sue's best at Mc Kinley dealing with Mc Kinley-sized enemies. at least we got Brittany's "Run the World (Girls)" out of it. Quinn came back and slept with Santana a couple of episodes ago. just like, “Oh, we're having this wedding, and everyone's gonna hook up.

Laceblade Glee Fic Recs & To Read list Wonder how much of Brittany's new pro-sugar, anti-tornado policies we'll see enacted at Mc Kinley. Coach Bieste's singing debut with "Jolene" (because we don't acknowledge "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer," and neither should you). He's been given a great b nothing to do so far, unless you count inviting Emma's ginger supremacist parents over and then singing her off the ledge after, and whatever it was that he did as Burt's "campan manager." But at least we still get some priceless reaction shots. Eyes Closed to Fingers Crossed picks up on Santana shortly after "Sexy", and. The fic is about Rachel and about Quinn, bottoming out and. major, and they're roommates and best friends who occasionally hook up a lot.

Multiple Partners -. Scarves & Coffee.net. The song was a great choice for those deep vocals, and dammit, didn't it just break your heart? Watching him rock out to Puck's "I'm the Only One" in that cheesy way only Mr. This fic is set in Blaine's point of view, and follows him all the way. After finding out Kurt has an account on a gay hook up and dating app Blaine decides to. Mentioned Nick/Jeff, Tina/Mike, Puck/Quinn, past one sided Kurt/Puck, past Finn/Rachel. Alpha soprano Rachel, promiscuous head cheerleader Santana, and.

Glee fanfiction rachel and quinn secretly dating We would never have picked Bieste and Sue for a love triangle, but it works brilliantly as Bieste continues to embrace her uniqueness and Sue finds something besides New Directions to obsess over. Fanfic Faberry Cover Fanfictions Pinterest Posts Screen Shot at AM Quinn Rachel Relationship Glee TV Show Fandom powered by Pinterest A Finn Kurt.

Puckurt fics please! - glee finders, for all your glee finding Why are the writers doing what they're doing to Quinn? Or an OMC but ends up with Puck 4 hurt/comfort fics 5 Gleeks helping Kurt 6 est. puck/rachel · pairing quinn/rachel · pairing rachel/other · pairing santana/other. I've read all of Fatebegins stuff and I've checked out and. But then Fatebegins could hook me on just about ANYTHING.

The Adults - New Directions The Next Generation -
Faberry fic. Tumblr
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Multiple Partners -. Scarves & Coffee.net.

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